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iphone app mockup
iphone app prototype
xCarbon is a real time Green House Gases emissions calculator that uses real time data from electricity sensors and calculates emissions based on hourly Emissions Factors tables supplied by the EPA

This research project included a literature review of current methods for GHG estimation, creating a sample calculator using data from Sensor Andrew (a CMU project) and developing a prototype application

Solution included two applications: large scale infrastructure management and home management. The first one enables users to quantitatively measure Carbon Emissions from the devices installed on a infrastructure. The second is a qualitative measurement application to help users monitor and reduce their Carbon Footprint in their homes. Unlike the management application, the primary focus is to simply show data to users about home electricity usage.

Researcher, designer, developer

xCarbon was an independent study for the Civil Engineering department of CMU. It was implemented as an Web Application, with a CakePhp / MySQL backend, using JQuery UI for the front end, and Google Charts for Information Visualization